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Alessio Crimi

Darcy & Weisbach is a techno DJ duo from Italy. Their passion for techno and electronic music is evident in their sets, which blend classic techno elements with modern influences and experimental sounds. Their sound is powerful and engaging, with an emphasis on building deep atmospheres and creating an immersive experience for the audience. With solid musical training and a wealth of club experience, Darcy & Weisbach stand out for their ability to create a unique energy on stage and to fully engage the audience in a true dance experience.

Darcy & Weisbach

Alessio Crimi


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p.s. Per i Giudici, i pulsanti "valuta dj set" e "valuta brano" di default sono sempre presenti.

sarà vostra cura andare in entrambi i link se il concorrente si è iscritto sia per DJ che per PRODUCER.

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